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Latest CNN|ORC National Poll: Ron Paul Continues to Rise

In the latest CNN|ORC National Poll (Note: These poll results only include the Republican leaning poll respondents), Ron Paul increased his support for the fifth consecutive period of this poll. Ron Paul finished with 17% in the latest poll, which was released on March 27, 2012, behind Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. But while support for the other candidates roller coasters up and down, Ron Paul enjoys a steady climb upwards. The fact that this data includes only Republican leaning respondents means that many people who likely support Ron Paul over the other candidates (because of Ron Paul’s wide appeal to Democrats and members of other parties) were left out, meaning these numbers likely drastically underestimate Congressman Paul’s overall support.

Compared with the last poll, which took data from February 11-13th, Santorum lost 24% (from 34% to 26%), Romney gained 13% support (from 32% to 36%), and Ron Paul continued his modest gains, raising his support by 6% (from 16% to 17%).

Since September 2011, this national poll has been conducted 9 times, and Ron Paul has been rock solid, on an upward trend, having his support only decrease once (way back in October 2011), while Romney and Gingrich have seen decreases three times, and Santorum twice, along with one “no change”.

Republican Voters Under 50 Years Old

Another interesting development from the poll is that among voters aged 50 and younger (a significant bulk of our population, and the voters who have the most stake in America’s future) Ron Paul (27%) finished a close second place to Mitt Romney (32%), with Rick Santorum (25%) and Newt Gingrich (12%) trailing [see chart]. Ron Paul seems to have a unique quality among the Republican candidates in that he does not lose support once he gains it. This explains why he has a steady (albeit modest so far) climb in the National polls, while the others have been up and down day-to-day and month-to-month. Consistency like Ron Paul’s may just be the key to this nomination.

Ron Paul already enjoys the most enthusiasm of any candidate (by a very large margin), so if this steady increase in numbers continues, this could be very exciting for the campaign, which has already (quietly) amassed a large amount of delegates (he is quite likely to come out with a majority of delegates in several states including Nevada, Iowa, Washington, Alaska, Missouri, and others). With several months left in this Republican Nomination Process, it will be interesting to see just how much support Ron Paul can gather.

For full poll results click here.

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