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Missouri GOP Caucus Descends Into Chaos, Corruption

Here is a recap from the Missouri GOP Caucus in St. Charles, given by Brent Stafford. This is a must read - the establishment will not give up power, and is willing to break all the rules, laws and human rights in order to keep it. Brent Stafford was arrested for following the caucus rules. Fortunately for America, the people will not stand for it and a Revolution is ensuing. Thanks to all the good people at the caucuses for their efforts in opposing the corruption. We will not stand for this. Here is a video taken from the caucus. Definitely worth checking out as well. 

After you are up to speed on all of the events, feel free to send a piece of your mind to Eugene Dokes (contact info here) who is one of the people who is responsible for this chaos and corruption, and the reason why, as of now, the caucus was canceled, and no delegates were awarded.

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