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Latest Poll Shows Ron Paul Viewed Most "Favorable" By Americans

A new CNN/ORC poll shows that Ron Paul is viewed the most favorable of the Republican Presidential Candidates. The poll, which was released on February 14, 2012 showed that Ron Paul is viewed “favorable” by 42% of Americans and “unfavorable” by 36% (10% had never heard of Paul, and 12% had no opinion). Paul was the only candidate to have a net favorability which was positive (+6%). Santorum came in second in net favorability at -6%, followed by Romney at -20% and Gingrich at -38%.


This is the first time in the running poll that Congressman Paul has led the favorability ratings and it shows that Paul is gaining ground on the other candidates. Ron Paul’s favorability among Americans has shown steady growth, while the other candidates have been more erratic. One of the biggest themes of Ron Paul’s run, and something that keeps his steady climb going, is that, unlike the other candidates, Paul doesn’t seem to lose support once he has gained it - this is something that will be key for him in his pursuit of winning the GOP nomination and ultimately the general election.

View full poll results here.

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